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From Our Family To Your Table.

Our Story

Carlton Farms stands as a family-owned provider specializing in natural, artisanal fresh pork, smoked meats, and premium beef offerings tailored to a diverse clientele. Our animals are ethically raised in the region according to our stringent standards, free from hormones, animal proteins, or growth accelerators.

Restaurants, food services, fine markets, and discriminating consumers have made Carlton Farms their choice for delicious, artisan products for more than five decades. From personalized customer relationships to supporting community values and advancing appreciation of fine cuisine in the Pacific Northwest, we deliver the exceptional product quality and customer service you expect.

Our Growers

Growers represent our extended family.

As a family-owned business in the agriculture industry, we know the importance of partnering with people you can trust. That’s why we work with a small number of family-owned farms that raise pork and beef to our specifications.

Naturally raised, humanely treated.

We work only with growers who raise hogs and cattle naturally and treat them humanely. Animals are fed a strictly grain-based vegetarian diet. Some of our growers meet the USDA definition of organic animal-raising operations.

No hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

As part of our certification requirements, our growers do not use hormones and we do not recommend the use of subtherapeutic antibiotics. Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork. Our quality standards mandate that every hog we process is antibiotic-free when it arrives from our growers’ farms. We constantly test and inspect the hogs we buy to ensure that these strict standards are followed.

All-natural products.

With our strict certification and inspection standards, you can be sure that every cut of Carlton Farms meat you eat is all-natural, hand-processed, and delicious.